A very special stopover (Cambridge, UK)

After having tonsillitis for a week, I went to the doctor and got antibiotics. Just in time to fly to Malta! However, I wanted to visit a high school friend studying at Cambridge on the way there. So, I booked a flight from Munich to London Stansted, a train from Stansted to Cambridge, a train-metro-train ticket to get from Cambridge to Gatwick Airport, a flight from Gatwick Airport to Luqa (Malta), and finally a ticket from Luqa (Malta) back to Munich.

Upon my arrival in Cambridge around 7 pm on 12th of March, I was greeted with very British weather. I met my friend at Pembroke College, where I´d be staying with her for the next two nights. We spent the evening cooking, talking, meeting her friends and just catching up.

(Pembroke College)

The next day, Tuesday, was the ultimate Cambridge sightseeing experience. My friend showed me around the most famous colleges, Fitzwilliam Museum (free admission) and the prettiest parks. Fortunately, the weather was a lot better that day, and I didn´t need an umbrella.

(Deer Park at Peterhouse)

(Fitzwilliam Museum)

(Fitzwilliam Museum from the outside)

(King´s College)

(King’s College Chapel)

(River Cam)

(Trinity College)

(St. John´s College)

(“Bridge of Sighs” over the river Cam)

(St. John´s College viewed from the park)

(River Cam)

After a snack at a bookshop café in the centre, I continued exploring on my own. Without a plan, I went wherever I thought there might be something interesting.

(Church of the Holy Sepulchre/ Round Church)

(View from Castle Hill)

In the evening, I got to experience more Cambridge student life, which actually isn´t that different from life anywhere else. Seeing that Cambridge students have the same doubts and troubles as any other students was somehow reassuring. As fancy and beautiful as their colleges are and as famous their professors may be, they still question their choice of subject and so on.

Waking up on my air mattress the next morning, I knew that a long, tiring travel day lay ahead of me. As I headed out of the room, my wonderful friend still in bed, I could think of nothing but how lucky I am to have such friends.


Some general information:

I booked my train ticket on the “Grand Central Railways” website, which didn´t offer an E-Ticket for my journey. My scepticism was unnecessary, because finding the self-service ticket machine at the train station at London Stansted was no problem. I printed out both my tickets (to Cambridge and then to Gatwick), that way I didn´t have to worry about finding the ticket machine a second time. In my opinion, the tickets were rather expensive (for the distance travelled), but I didn´t find a better deal. There are buses as well, but the reviews really threw me off. What I really liked about the tickets, was that they were valid at any time of the day you´re travelling.

If you don´t want to go to every museum, Cambridge can easily be visited in a day. Also, every thing can be reached by foot, even the train station.

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