About Anna Kohler

Writing an “about” is not as simple as it may appear to be. What do I have to take in account? What’s “too much information” and what’s not personal enough? My main difficulties? I don’t usually wear my heart on my sleeve. I certainly have no clue what humanity could want to know about me.
Nevertheless: Here’s the tale of me, Anna Kohler!

The beginning


“Il était une fois…”, “Es war einmal…”, “Once upon a time…”, choose which one you like best, I´ve learned to love the variety. There was a young girl, eager to explore the world around her, quite a picture-perfect world situated in the South of Germany, the city of Stuttgart. However, not much later she moved to Carinthia with her parents, into a house with a wonderful, overgrown garden, surrounded by beautiful Austrian nature.


Growing Up

By the age of five, she welcomed her little brother into her family. She was to love him ever since, no matter his temper. Even though she had thought of a sister when wishing for a sibling, she never regretted being blessed with a brother, especially when she came to the age when her friend´s sisters started stealing their clothes.


Culture Shock

As it is in life, changes always come when we least expect them. In her third year of primary school, goodbyes were said, and flights to Malaysia were booked. Penang, a Malaysian island, should be her family´s home for the next year.


Shocked by the cultural differences and the inability to speak neither English nor Malaysian, she shed quite some tears in the beginning. This fear didn´t last for long and at the end of this year abroad, her view on life on the other side of the World had changed. The globetrotter gene had been implanted by the new smells, colours, sounds, acquaintances, all the experiences she´d been able to make. From that day on, travel was part of her life and nothing and noone could stop her from pursuing her dream to wander around, have a curious personality and discover more and more beautiful things.


She became a “common white girl” with certain special features, many flaws and imperfections, still, always striving for what’s important to her. So, what’s important to this girl, now growing up and becoming a woman? It’s quite simple actually: Happiness. Living life to the fullest, surrounded by positive and loving people, a colourful life and making other people’s lives at least a bit more colourful, evolving mentally and physically, having goals in life and making the effort to reach them, never forgetting what priviledge it is to be in her position and having all the support she has and has had over all those years.




Anna Kohler

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