Aimless (Germany)

Alright. I got back from Malta, was in Munich for one day and went on a little roadtrip with two friends from university again. Our initial plan had been to go somewhere “cool”, like Portugal. But, as you may know if you´ve ever tried to organise a trip with young adults, that´s easier said than done. However, we did still want to do something together. So, we jumped into my car in Munich and drove North. Our first stop was Bayreuth, a small town about two hours from Munich. It´s a picturesque town, but there isn´t much to see. Well, there is a palace called “Eremitage”, however, it´s outside of the city, and we would´ve had to walk through a park to get there. As we were kind of annoyed by the terrible weather, that didn´t happen. After a stroll, we continued our journey.

Here are some impressions of Bayreuth:

At some point during our car ride, we decided that we wanted to get to Dresden that evening. While I was driving, my friends searched for an accommodation for the night. And guess where we landed? On a boat. The owners were nice enough to let us check in at quite a late time, and thank god they did! Besides some problems we had finding the hostel, everything was great. It was very affordable, cosy and a unique experience. There´s plenty of parking available, and you can walk into the city by foot. We´re all rather petite, so the room felt cosy rather than restricting. We actually booked another night because we were so pleased. The next day was spent exploring Dresden, which is a beautiful city. At last, the sun also made an appearance, and we were three happy girls.

Some photos I took in Dresden:

(Schiffsherberge Pöppelmann)

(Walking into the city centre alongside the river Elbe)

(gorgeous architecture and the famous Frauenkirche in the background)

(“Zwinger” Palace)

(“Zwinger” Palace)

(“Zwinger” Palace)

(Semper opera)


(Yenidze, a former cigarette factory building)

The next day, we hit the road again. The weather, once again, wasn´t what he´d hoped. We walked around a bit and nearly froze to death. As lunch time was approaching, we found ourselves a restaurant offering a lunch buffet for an ok price. Afterwards, we agreed on driving back to Munich, because we really couldn´t stand the bad weather anymore. After all, being able to make such spontaneous decisions is the beauty of such a roadtrip. We drove past the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, and then headed back home.

(St. Thomas Church)

(Old City Hall)

(former trading house)



(Monument to the Battle of the Nations)

Bye for now!

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