Big city vibes and small town feels (Vancouver & Revelstoke, Canada)

Our adventure began on 21st of August at 2am. That´s when we drove to Venice airport to catch our flight to Frankfurt, to then hop on our flight to Vancouver. And what a flight it was, absolutely heavenly. We sat in a row with enough leg room for me to fully stretch out my legs, they handed out very delicious candy and as there was no economy food left, they served us business class ravioli on actual plates with metal cutlery. Oh, and they brought us Baileys, which is by far my favourite alcoholic beverage.

So, after this oddly satisfying flight, we got our rental car and drove to our hotel in Vancouver. As it was still daytime here, we walked along the waterfront and inspected the marina, luxury apartments, kayakers and then Yaletown. And as if Canadians had to proof their friendliness, I was approached by a guy (and his very posh dog) who said he hoped I´d get the chance to take photos of the city without all the smoke.

(Sunset Beach)

Smoke, that´s a topic I won´t get around. Up to this point (we´re driving towards the Rocky Mountains right now) there´s been smoke from forest fires everywhere. It´s so bad, the weather forecast even labelled the weather as “smoke”, nothing else. Let´s see whether it gets better as we drive East.

After passing through Yaletown, we kept our eyes open for something to eat at the water. Our evening ended with fish and chips at the Canada place promenade with a beautiful sunset view over the waterplane airport.

(Canada Place)

22nd of August

It´s around 6am and my parents just left for a walk through Stanley park. I´ll take a shower and go on a walk by myself. On a family trip, staying in family rooms, it´s nice to have some alone time once in a while. Today is supposed to be the last hot summer day in Vancouver, but at this time of the day it´s still rather cold. Walking down Thurlow Street, I soon see Sunset Beach. Yesterday, we walked left towards Yaletown. I choose to walk right towards Stanley Park. The few people who are around either gaze into the distance or look at me as if they wanted to ask why I´m out and about with a camera this early. It´s calming being at the ocean, and there are precious dogs and ducks all around. However, despite countless warning signs about what not to do, the beach areas are quite dirty. Some of the homeless people who´ve camped out in the parks are still sleeping. Of course, it´s not a pleasant thing to see, but it makes you forget your first-world-problems. How thankful I am to have a place to go home to. Somewhere I feel safe, cosy and loved. Stanley park doesn´t fully convince me, so, I turn around and walk home along the main road at the waterfront.

(Stanley Park)

Before driving into the mountains, we stop by Lynn Canyon Park and visit the Suspension Bridge. Thankfully, it´s only a ten-minute hike from the parking area. I´ve never felt so jet-lagged before. As expected, there are quite some tourists there, but the forest is stunning and reminds me of those “Twilight” forest scenes. All the warning signs amuse us a lot, it´s something you´d never see in Germany or Austria. “Extreme danger”. “Has claimed several lives” …Who would´ve thought hiking in the woods could be so dangerous?

(Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge)

Our trip to Revelstoke seems to take ages, and I´m glad I don´t have to drive. To be honest, I don´t feel bad falling asleep, the landscape isn´t as stunning as I had imagined. Sure, it´s just a highway, but Canada always seemed like this nature wonderland. Around here, it seems more like a fast-food paradise. However, I am fascinated by the broad variety of products in the supermarket we visit. On our way, we stop at Kamloops Riverside Park for a picnic. The river doesn´t look all too inviting, but there´s still a bit of a beach vibe. We hear there´s a festival in town and use this as a reason to check out Revelstoke before finally going to sleep.

(Kamloops Riverside Park)


To be continued.


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