Bits and bobs of summer (Austria & Italy& elsewhere)

Judging by the weather, summer is pretty much over. Sadly! However, I did have a blast the last three months and wanted to commemorate them with this blog post. This summer wasn´t that awesome just because of the big trips. There was so much more to it. Let me provide some reasons why:

  • We celebrated my dad´s birthday in July with a glamorous “Fête Blanche”/ “White Party”. From the food, to the decoration and the outfits- all white.

  • I went on a camping trip to Lignano (Italy) with my three best friends from school. The struggle to find a time slot for our reunion was compensated by great weather and lots of fun at the beach.

(Sunrise in Lignano)

  • My mum´s birthday party in August was a success as well. To lower the average age of the festivities, I invited a friend from university to come and experience the Austrian lifestyle.

(Climbing route “Torre Clampil”)

  • I got to visit Prague once again, but this time I was accompanied by my boyfriend.


  • The family got together to celebrate my grandpa´s birthday with lots of delicious food.



  • I went to my first ever music festival! Four days and nights of great music and perfect weather conditions. “Frequency Festival”  in St. Pölten (Austria) was crazy in every way possible but definitely an unforgettable experience.

(The aftermath)

  • Meeting school friends, going hiking, picking berries, watching “Wörthersee” sunsets…

(Hochobir Mountain)

(“Heidelbeergarten” in Carinthia)


(Dobratsch mountain)


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