Chasing palm trees along the coast (Grande Anse, Guadeloupe)

After having visited the Chutes du Carbet and Soufrière volcano, we drove along the Western coast, enjoying the countless beaches, every one of them beautiful in their own way. Not far from where we had stayed the previous nights, we found a great surfing spot with awesome waves. The village is called Bananier, and you could instantly smell that it´s a fishermen´s village. Sadly, probably because it was during the week, there were no surfers around.

Around Vieux-Fort, we stopped beside the road to take some pictures of the “Îles des Saintes” islands. Afterwards, we bought some chicken und fries from a bistro, asked the sociable and very amusing owner for a beach-recommendation, and ended up on a black or rather dark beach to eat our lunch.


While we did stop or drive through some cities as we were heading for Deshaies, I wasn´t particularily impressed by any of them. Once we´d seen two or three of those picturesque settlements, we had gotten the gist and prefered focussing on the nature.

We were delighted when we arrived in our apartment in Deshaies, and all we wanted to do was run to the beach and chill. Other tourists had raved about the golden sand of the “Grande Anse” beach and we were anything but disappointed! “Grande Anse” is a long, sandy beach with palm trees and a few shacks to buy something to eat. The best part: At no point in time was there an annoyingly big amount of people around.


We stayed until sunset and enjoyed yet another cup of sorbet coco. When it came to sunsets, we weren´t all too lucky, because there were always clouds covering the sun. Still, I was fascinated by how the sky was so wondefully coloured and the water seemed to be made of gold.


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