Different perspectives (Sevilla, Spain)

Hey there! If you´ve read my last blogpost, you´ll already know that I´m on a two week trip through Andalusia with my family. If you didn´t read it, now you know. 🙂

In Jerez de la Frontera, we picked up our rental car and drove to Sevilla. To be honest, I hadn´t done any research on this city and didn´t have many expectations. So, I was not prepared for falling in love with this city whatsoever. However, the minute we walked out on the “Plaza de Espana” during golden hour, I was completely flashed.

(Capitania General)

(Plaza de Espana)

Our hotel, the “NH Collection Sevilla”, was not directly in the city center, because we had expected a lot of traffic. Luckily, that was not the case. Actually, it was quite weird that the streets sometimes even seemed deserted. Our guess is that all citizens are at the sea or in the mountains to escape the (sometimes) unbearable temperatures.

Back to sightseeing! We walked into the center from the South and passed the “Capitania General”, which just seemed like a pretty building to me… at first! As we walked through a huge portal, the “Plaza de Espana” suddenly presented itself to us in its full glory. I´m sure that many people, especially the residents of Sevilla, won´t get the hype and will probably find it corny in many ways. And I absolutely get it, really. Still, in that moment, somehow this felt like a kind of epiphany. Plus, golden hour lighting does make everything look more magical, from rubbish bins to grim faces.

This square with all buildings was designed and constructed for an exhibition and represents all regions of Spain, eg. Valencia (as you can see above), which I already have a blog post on as well. I won´t go into detail, because I´m certainly not a specialist and that´s also not what my blog is about. Pictures do, in my opinion, really speak louder than words in such cases.

Later, we walked through the park in front of the Plaza and strolled along the main streets. Nighttime breathes life into this city. With temperature falling, more and more people are out and about. Don´t expect to get served dinner before eight o´clock. Restaurants get full around nine thirty and are open until the morning hours!

(Cathedral of Sevilla)

(Metropol Parasol)

After sitting walking past the huge cathedral of Sevilla and drinking Sangria in a café, we went to the “Metropol Parasol” on ” La Encarnación” squareIt´s a modern-looking wooden structure, which is shaped kind of like a mushroom and was designed by a German architect. With Spanish skater boys and break dancers hanging out there, you can easily spend your evening watching them perform.

At that point, we were starting to get tired. Walking along the Guadalquivir river (I had to google that name four times before I finally got it right), we headed back into our hotel. I´m glad we saw the river by night, as the lights of the city reflected on the water create a very calming yet bracing athmosphere.


(Alcázar of Sevilla)

On the next morning, the famous “Alcázar” of Sevilla was on the programme. I love Arabic-inspired architecture and gardens, so this was pretty much my dream property. Beautiful courtyards with very detailed ornaments, palm trees, open walkways with views of the gardens, arcades, warm tones, ugh..just everything! It was a mixture of a fairytale castle, “One Thousand and One Nights”-vibes and “Angkor Wat”, which is a temple site situated in Cambodia. Even though there were quite some people, this visit really stayed with me. They also have an on-site café with a nice view.

All in all, Sevilla is definately worth a visit and I´m sure I´ll be back sooner or later. Probably sooner than later. I really can´t wait!

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