Family trip (Bolzano, South Tyrol and Lake Garda, Italy)

Italy. UK. Malta. Germany. Oh, and I spent Easter with my family in Austria. I´d gotten around a lot during my spring university break. However, there was still one more outstanding trip. Again Italy, but this time Lake Garda. My parents, brother and I had decided to spend the last days of the Easter holidays sailing. My dad is actually a very competent sailor, the rest of my family…not so much. Theoretically, I´ve got a sailing permit and my mum is getting one at the moment. But as I said…just theoretically.

On our way from Austria to Lake Garda, we drove past Bolzano in South Tyrol and strolled around town for a bit. The buildings, the atmosphere, the landscape…This city really embodies the transition from Austria to Italy.

We stayed in Malcesine for five nights, mostly because it´s a good spot for sailing and a very charming “village”. “Village”, because it hasn´t got many inhabitants, but it does have tons of tourists. As the conditions weren´t great for sailing the first days, we actually got to see quite a lot of places around Lake Garda. Below, you can see most of what we visited. I´ll just tell you which areas they were, because neither do I know much about their history, nor is there much more to do than walk around and enjoy. And, of course, go swimming. But it was still far to cold for that.

Torri del Benaco

(The tiny, colourful harbours of all the cities are absolutely stunning!)



Verona is not far from Lake Garda, so we drove there for dinner one evening. It must have been one of the most, if not the most beautiful evening of the trip.

(Munich seems to be a sister city of Verona!)


(The mountains beside Lake Garda get very high very quickly. From Malcesine, there are several paths up Monte Baldo. We attempted to follow one of the routes but kind of got lost.)

Pilgrimage church Montecastello


(Free sparkling and still water in front of the church in Gargnano. There was a description of who is allowed to take how much and such things, but I sadly don´t speak Italien.


(Castello Scaligero)

Castello Scaligero can be visited for around 3-6 Euro per person, but in my opinion, the views are worth the money.



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