Golden Circle (Iceland)

Just this morning, my boyfriend and me returned from our trip to Iceland, and I´ve got tons of pictures to share with you! So, let´s get this started.

We decided to start our trip by going on the “Golden Circle”, which is a tour of a few very famous Icelandic sights situated near Reykjavik and Keflavik. Our starting point was Keflavik, where the main airport is located. After successfully visiting our rental car agency (Blue Car Rental), we drove towards “Thingvellir National Park”. We parked our car at the visitor center at Hakid and had to pay 500 ISK (Icelandic krona). The park itself is free of charge, however, using the toilets costs 200 ISK, which we found very odd, especially in a National Park. There are a lot of paths to stroll along, mostly very easy to access and in good condition. As flat as the area is, we lost interest quickly, and after having a snack, we continued our drive.

(Thingvellir National Park)

(Visitor center of Thingvellir National Park)

Afterwards, we visited a hot spring area with exploding geysers. The most active, and therefore the most spectacular one, is “Strokkur”. It spouts water into the air every five to ten minutes. Parking and entry are free.


This phenomenon was followed by the waterfall “Gullfoss”. The amount of water rushing down the rocks was spectacular and we were able to get very close to it.

(This woman is style goals. What a backpack. I was very jealous of her.)

On our way home, we passed the crater lake “Kerid”. The colours were stunning and there were only few people around. You can walk around the lake at the bottom or around the edge of the crater. As it was shortly before sunset, the light was great and the sight appeared even more mystical. Entry fee was 400 ISK per person and parking was sparse.

That concluded our “Golden Circle” day-trip. It really is a day-trip, because there´s a lot of getting in and out of the car, paying stuff, sightseeing, snacking and looking for parking spots involved. The roads are mostly paved, so they´re accessible for every type of car. I can tell you: if we got there with our car, you´ll be able to get there.


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