Just another city trip (Potsdam, Germany)

Judging from the featured image, you´d probably think that I went somewhere in Italy. Well, what can I say? You´re wrong. Actually, I was in the north of Germany, a city just outside of Berlin called Potsdam. My family and I went there for a family reunion which has already become a tradition. We did spend a day in Berlin as well, however, the focus was on Potsdam.

As we had arrived earlier than most other family members, we visited “Schloss Babelsberg” and its sweeping gardens. There´s an exhibition about the fellow who designed the park, which I found rather odd. I mean, the park was beautiful, but a museum with plastic replicas of stuff that guy ate? I don´t know. In my opinion the outside is what makes this place so remarkable.

The following days, a tour guide showed us around the city center and the famous palace “Sanssouci”. It can be translated into “without a worry” which, in my opinion, is an incredibly wonderful name. Who wouldn´t want to live in a place without any concern, sorrow or distress? It IS said to be the palace the king loved the most.

Potsdam itself has a very interesting mixture of different architectural styles. You walk around a corner and feel like you´re in a completely new city. There had been lots of studwork houses once which were renovated and are now painted in all shades of pastely colours. There´s this Italian vibe going on, when in the next street you feel as if you were in Hamburg because of the houses made of brick. We ended our tour on a square which literally made you think you´re in Washington D.C. .

Still, my fave part of our guided tour through the city was by far the blue letter box. I really don´t know if it´s just a myth, but we were told that, as it´s the only blue one in town, people use this one just for love letters.

I really hoped you enjoyed me sharing my impressions of Potsdam. Now, it´s time for me to pack my bags and head for my next adevnture. Croatia, here I come!

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