Transition (Lake Starnberg, Germany)

Recently I visited my family in Munich, and my mum showed me around Lake Starnberg a bit. Lake Starnberg is situated outside of Munich (in the southwest), about a half an hour drive away from the city center. However, let´s be real, making a statement about the duration of a car ride in a bigger cities is rather useless. One word: traffic.



Honestly, I had to pull myself together not to name this blogpost “falltastic”. No matter how silly this might sound, with a view over this lake on a beautiful autumn day, even I, as a complete and utter sun worshipper, can deal with the thought of winter coming soon. With the sky being as clear as on this day, you can clearly make out the Alps in the background.



They´ve got some great spots for (sun)bathing, and in summer the public areas around the water are packed with people…so my mum told me. If I hadn´t still been somewhat sick, I certainly would have had to jump into the lake.



Except for a few hard-nosed swimmers, some sailors and two swans, we didn´t really meet anyone. It was welcome break from the busy city life.



In addition to taking a walk along the Western side of the lake, we went on a five minute boat ride to “Rose Island”. This is, as the name suggests, a small island with many roses and a castle…which I´d rather call an elegant house. Empress Elisabeth of Austria spent quite some time in this region, as well as on this exact island. It may be visited from June to October, and the boat shuttles continuously. 4€ for adults, 1€ for children, 2€ for students…at least that´s what I had to pay.




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  1. Great pictures! I especially like the 2nd one with the tree starting to turn orange and the beach framing the water and the 5th one with the black branches floating over the water and the lonely stick hanging off a rope.

    1. Thank you very much!

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