Life on the edge (Preikestolen, Norway)

As Norway is known for impressive fjords and great hiking opportunities, it was easily decided that a trip to Preikestolen in Lysefjord was inevitable. From the Fiskepirenterminalen of the city of Stavanger, about ten minutes from the city center, my travel partner and me made our way to Tau by ferry. From there we took a bus to the beginning of the Preikestolen hike. We booked the transport beforehand, however, it’s also possible to get tickets directly before entering the ferry.



The hike is said to take about four hours in total, but it can be accomplished in a good two hours as well. Over the distance of about three kilometres (one way) you’ll get to see forest, glimpses of surrounding lakes and the fjord, mountainous landscape and probably… loads and loads of other tourists.



At times this can get annoying, especially at slightly steeper bits, where a queue of desperately panting people forms. Still, waiting pays and most of the fellow travelers are open for a little chat about their journey. We met two French girls who were kind enough to take a picture of us and who we exchanged travel-experiences with.



We made it to the famous Preikestolen after about an hour and a half and were intrigued by what we saw. The feeling of standing so close to the edge and falling 600 metres into the deep with one wrong step, it’s incredible.



Due to perfect weather conditions, sun and only a few clouds, the view couldn’t have been much better.



After a photoshoot and a break to take in the whole beauty of this sight, we made our way back to the bus station.




What was new to us, was that there is a chilly, yet refreshing mountain-lake about 2km into the hike. To our surprise, only a few courageous young men jumped in and on the way back we couldn’t resist the temptation to take a shot at it ourselves.


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