Rocky east coast (Guadeloupe)

Our last stops, Porte d´Enfer, Trou Madame Coco and Pointe des Châteaux, were all on the eastern shore. From our apartment in Saint Francois, we drove up the coast and were greeted by a landscape you really wouldn´t expect to find on a Caribbean island.

First up was Porte d´Enfer, “gate to hell” in English. Walking down the stairs towards the masses of water throwing themselves against the coast with all their force was incredible. It reminded me of Wales (UK) in a way. Everything here smelled and felt differently than anywhere else on the island. On the one hand you felt on the top of the world and really mighty, on the other hand you realized how small and defenseless you are.

Next, we drove to “Trou Madame Coco”, and again: No parking spots. Probably one of my least favourite things in the world. Well, we did some “creative” parking and set out for our hike. You can´t go wrong if you follow everyone else. There´s a restaurant with a gorgeous view of the bay, ideal for a snack after a hike.


Actually, I´ve been dreading this moment. The last paragraph about our wonderful and unforgettable journey to Guadeloupe. However, as they say: “You should leave when it´s the nicest.” Well, probably that´s not how you say it in English, whatever… You get the gist.

On our last evening, I decided we couldn´t leave without having visited “Pointe des Châteaux”, an observation point on the most eastern tip of the island. I´d guess it´s the most visited place of all the incredible places you can visit there. So, right before sunset, we rushed up the elevation, running against the time and were rewarded by one, if not the most incredible view of the whole trip. There lay this island, the sun snuggling up to it, seemingly caressing this dear patch of earthly splendour. It was a staggering, yet soothing sight. No pictures and no words can do it justice. And I´m glad they can´t. Not because I´d want to keep this experience to myself, but because it´s delightful to find things where it´s not like “Well, I could just look it up on the Internet and it´s just as impressive.” Seeing, hearing, feeling, encountering such things is an experience of its own. I´m so, so, so thankful for being able to be part of something so beautiful, it nearly seems out of this world. Notably, with someone just as wonderful by my side.

I just couldn´t end this blog post without adding at least one picture of me and my “Sorbet de Coco”. As unspectacular as it looks, it´s Caribbean sense of life in a cup. Try it. No recommendation. It´s an order. (Alright, except if you ´re allergic.)


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