Sparkling Budapest (Hungary)

After having been in Budapest in Spring 2016, I was glad to hear that I would again be given the opportunity to visit this incredibly beautiful city. Architecturally it has a lot to offer and the fact that it is “divided” by the Danube makes this place even more special. In my opinion, the river inbetween the districts “Buda” (in the West) and “Pest” (in the East) acts as a kind of lifeline.


At nighttime, reflections of buildings steeped in history can be seen on the water and they take you back in time, as well as down memory lane. Thinking of who may have walked down the same street can evoke feelings of sentimentality.



To commemorate the shooting of Jews in Hungary during the Second World War, shoes made of metal were arranged at the edge of the river, showing where they stood awaiting their death. This memorial is not far from the Parliament, on the Eastern side of the Danube.


There sure are many to-do´s in Budapest, but getting a glimpse of the Danube at night is probably my #1 recommendation.



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