Aimless (Germany)

Alright. I got back from Malta, was in Munich for one day and went on a little roadtrip with two friends from university again. Our initial plan had been to go somewhere “cool”, like Portugal. But, as you may know if you´ve ever tried to organise a trip with young adults, that´s easier said than […]

To the West (Iceland)

So, we had luckily survived the night in the spider-contaminated glass house. That didn´t mean that we wanted to stay any longer. We packed up our stuff and drove to Borgarnes, where we ate our typical breakfast: oats with milk and sugar. When we had finished, we looked at the city for a while and […]

To the North (Iceland)

The morning after camping in Egilsstadir, we drove towards the “Myvatn” region. “Dettifoss” would have been our first destination of the day, however, we would have had to drive gravel roads for kilometres, and we weren´t up for that adventure. So, our first stop was an area full of sulphur springs. We had already seen […]

To the East (Iceland)

After visiting “Skaftafell National Park”, we slowly made our way to “Jökulsarlon”, a glacier lake. Fortunately, the place we parked at wasn´t as crowded as other parts of the lake. There´s a lot of tourism around it and that really takes away from the beauty. However, as I already said, we were lucky enough to […]