To the East (Iceland)

After visiting “Skaftafell National Park”, we slowly made our way to “Jökulsarlon”, a glacier lake. Fortunately, the place we parked at wasn´t as crowded as other parts of the lake. There´s a lot of tourism around it and that really takes away from the beauty. However, as I already said, we were lucky enough to find a spot where there were only few people. They were very surprised (to say the least) when we put on our swimsuits and got our floaty from the car. This was probably the craziest photo location I´ve ever been at. It was sosososo cold, but we could take pics without having to worry about having other people in them… because there simply weren´t any.

On our way to the city Höfn, we enjoyed the stunning nature and seeing all the different ways people travel through Iceland. Before setting up our tent on the camp site, we went to the swimming pool (850 ISK per person) in Höfn. Even though it was nice to relax in the hot water while being outside, there were just were some things I didn´t like. You have to take a shower fully undressed before entering the pools, which is fine, but you´re supposed to wash your hair as well. Now, this might sound as if I just had a problem with washing my hair, but I  as get sick very easily, I don´t want to go in an outdoor pool with wet hair when it´s cold out. Additionally, the facility aesthetically didn´t appeal to me, because it all looked like the children´s part of a swimming pool. Well, different countries, different customs.

The camp site (around 1500ISK) in Höfn was ok, but not overwhelming. There are only few toilets and showers (which have to be paid for extra) and very limited inside/ eating space. On the other hand, it was easy to reach and a very quiet place.

(Single-lane bridges are very common in Iceland.)


(Harbour in Höfn)

(Those socks.)

Our next day was a travel day. We drove up the Eastern coast, and stopped now and then to take pictures in the fisher villages. In Faskrudsfjodur, we went into a Café called “Sumarlina”, which in beautifully located. The furnishing was unique, and we got the largest “Big portion of fries” ever. What we had ordered as a snack was a full-on meal. On our way, we also passed a random red chair in the middle of nowhere. I later found out that it is a rather well-known photo location. We spent the night camping in Egilsstadir (1500 ISK per person) and were greeted with the rockiest ground imaginable. Later that night, we met two fellow German travellers and ate our dinner with them. It was very encouraging to see that their car was even less suitable for Icelandic roads than ours, and they were still doing fine.

(The famous red chair.)


(No matter how small the village, there´s always a football field with a gorgeous view.)

(Icelandic horses)

(Café Sumarlina made me feel like being at the country house of my grandma.)

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