Weekend getaway: Visiting Nuremberg and Bamberg

Have you ever wondered what visiting the bavarian cities Nuremberg and Bamberg looks like? Join me on my weekend getaway to explore those stunning locations!

Back home

Since returning from the beautiful island of Martinique, I’ve been working on my bachelor thesis pretty much non-stop. End of March came around, and I asked my boyfriend if he’d be up for a weekend trip.
Spontaneously, we booked a hotel for a night in Bamberg in Bavaria and jumped in the car. As we’d never been to Nuremberg either, we drove there first.

The roadtrip begins

Nuremberg is a big city about two hours away from Munich by car, which stands out due to its fairytale-like castle and the half-timbered houses.
Even though free parking is seemingly inexistent in the city center, this city is definitely worth a visit, no matter if for a weekend getaway or !

Touring Nuremberg

We parked our car in the “Parkhaus Hauptmarkt” (~2€ per hour), because its located right at the main square, and we did not waste time walking into the city center. Our first stop was Nuremberg castle. The outside areas can be visited for free. However, we went ahead and purchased a ticket (7€ per adult, 6€ for students) to look at the “Tiefer Brunnen”, a well that is 50 meters deep, as well as the insides of the buildings. Sadly, accessing the castle tower was not possible as it´s under construction. In my opinion, the most fascinating aspects of the castle are the architecture and the views. Therfore, I’d recommend to only buy a ticket if you’re very much interested in historical facts and armours. 

We then walked through “Weißgerbergasse”, a street known for its beautiful half-timbered houses. From there, it´s only stone´s throw to get to the chain bridge and Hangman´s bridge over the river Pegnitz.

As we got closer to the main square again, we saw many young people sitting in parks, people going for a drink after work…
Everyone was enjoying the sunny start of the weekend and we LOVED the vibes of this lively city.

We ended our tour at the Frauenkirche, the “Church of Our Lady” and the Schöner Brunnen, the “beautiful well”.

Reaching Bamberg

An hour from Nuremberg is another charming but far more quiet city: Bamberg. I´d wanted to go there for a while after having seen a childhood picture of my mum there with my grandparents. We parked our in the “Weidendamm” street, because we´d read that that´s one of the few places to find free parking. In the evening, we walked through the whole town once and then got two delicious pizzas at ” Feuerpfeils Holzofenpizzeria”.

I was positively surprised by how many people were out and about on a Saturday morning in such a small town. Then again, even though its few inhabitants, this place has sights to fill a major city without a problem!

The beautifully painted old town hall on a mini-island in the middle of a river, offering scenic views of “Little Venice”, is just the beginning.

Walking up a small hill, you´ll find yourself in front of the cathedral and the “Neue Residenz” with a rose garden overlooking the town. The “Alte Hofhaltung” is yet another example of a well preserved half-timbered building.

Even aside the main attractions, Bamberg is an enchanting town. No matter which streets you follow, there´s always a pretty building, an amazing viewpoint or great playground.

Before driving home around midday, we paid a visit to “Altenburg” castle. There’s plenty of parking in front of it, due to visitors using the castle mainly as a restaurant nowadays. Still, anyone can come and look at it from the outside and, what a surprise, enjoy the panoramic view.

Weekend getaway: Recap

This concludes our trip to Nuremberg and Bamberg! I’d highly recommend visiting these places if you’re ever in Munich and got some spare time on your hands.

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