Way up we go (Burghausen, Germany)

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and me had to go to Altötting, a city about an hour away from Munich. As we were already in that region, we decided to stay in Burghausen for a night and visit Burghausen Castle which is said to be the world´s longest castle.

After checking into our hotel, “Hotel Post”, we went straight up to the famous landmark. Honestly, you really can´t miss it. If you´re staying in the Old Town, which I´d advise you to, everything lies at the foot of the castle. It winds through the landscape, on the one side confined by old, colourful houses and a river, on the other side again a river, fields and forests. There are several ways up, some more obvious, some hidden between backyards.

Once you´ve made it all the way up, you´re free to roam as desired, the site itself is free of charge. Just about an hour away from sunset, we began exploring. The evening sun had already begun turning the simple rocks of the castle wall into gold and the green of the woods was radiating. We probably couldn´t have picked a better time to come. Moreover, there weren´t any other people around anymore.

You can imagine the castle as a tiny city in itself. There are the important administrative buildings, as you can see above, with everything from castle gate to Rapunzel-tower, then there are green spaces, stables, residential areas, churches, a clock tower… Nowadays, of course, most buildings don´t serve their original purpose anymore, they are museums, apartments, restaurants, I even saw an osteopathy studio.

All around you´ll see pieces of art, often quotes or pictures on wood, taking up the issue of religion in our time and what´s important to us. First, I thought it didn´t fit in with the castle-theme. However, ultimately, I actually really enjoyed reading through the thoughts these children/teens had put into writing or also painting.

I can only recommend this place, I was pleasantly surprised all the way, and I am already thinking of coming here again with my baby cousin.

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